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Mariko’s Forthcoming Book

Are you tired of feeling tired, stressed, wrinkled, creaky, overweight, or just plain unhealthy? Are you looking for a natural, effective solution to your chronic ailments?

The Yoga-Ayurveda Book of Anti-Aging Secrets offers practical, easy-to-follow solutions to each of these problems.

Get ready to turn back the scale—and the clock with this powerful total rejuvenation program that draws on the time-tested principles of Yoga and Ayurveda, the ancient healing tradition of India!

In Rejuvenate, Mariko Hirakawa, a Yoga-Ayurveda expert with an international following, reveals her proven 6-step system which takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to:

  • Heal your chronic ailments through the holistic Ayurvedic approach including herbal remedies, diet and targeted Yoga sequences.
  • Detox your body, mind and emotions so you can feel lighter, have more energy, and mental clarity.
  • De-stress your life and boost your digestion and metabolism
  • Balance your hormones and get your sex drive back
  • Get the lean, supple body you’ve always wanted through the synergistic application of Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Sleep like a baby and enhance your cellular intelligence
  • Understand your body-type, and know what foods, activities and relationships balance you.

PLUS Ayurvedic beauty tips, recipes, and home remedies that dramatically enhances your skin’s health and appearance!

Get an exclusive insider look at Mariko's book!

If it intrigues you, share it!