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Baddha trikonasana wide1Join us for an evening of a unique presentation that merges the spiritual arts of classical Indian music and Yoga as a continuous movement-meditation.
Krishna close up

This rare performance is an inquiry into Yoga asanas as an art form, since they not only provide health benefits, but also fulfill an aesthetic longing. Just as each of the Indian performing arts are endowed with the concept of the Navarasa, or the Nine Sentiments, which are – Love, Comedic, Pathos, Anger, Courage, Fear, Astonishment, Peace, and Disgust, asana as an art form can become the vehicle for the universal expression of these sentiments.




Eric Fraser As the Raga, or the melodic form is unfolded note by note, one asana (Yoga pose) flows in to another, metaphorically conveying the journey of life from one circumstance into the next, one stage of life into the next,and ultimately, one lifetime into the next.


Because both disciplines were born from the meditative minds of the Vedic Sages, they share the same vision – to evolve through the refinement of one’s consciousness. As raga and asana dialogue with each other, they become meditative vehicles that connect you to a deeper space within.

This special evening features internationally acclaimed Sitarist Pandit Krishna Bhatt (www.KrishnaBhatt.com), tabla maestro Polash Gomes (www.RageshreeMusicInst.org) and Eric Fraser (www.EricFraser.com), a virtuoso Bansuri player and disciple of Pandit Gopal Roy.


YogaDance will be performed by Mariko Hirakawa (www.YogawithMariko.com), a former professional dancer, experienced Yoga instructor and an Ayurvedic practitioner trained in India.



Reflections Center for Conscious Living

250 West 49th Street, 2nd Floor

(Between 8th Avenue & Broadway)


$25 advance via PayPal (use email above)
$30 at the door (cash or check accepted)


Bring your friends! Look forward to seeing you there!

If it intrigues you, share it!