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Study Online with Mariko

Master the Inner Game of Yoga:

An In-Depth Online Teleseminar Course With Mariko

In this 6-week series, we’ll be taking a deep-dive into the inner psychology of Yoga, and installing practices that will truly begin the process of Renewal from the most profound level.

The Sages who propagated Yoga were master psychologists who had penetrating insights into the human condition. By walking in their footsteps, we will be taking powerful steps towards creating the greatest freedom – inner strength we can count on and the freedom from the negativities of our own mind!

All sessions will be recorded, and you’ll receive the following bonuses when you register by April 29th, 2015:

  • BONUS#1: $200 off any of my future retreats (yes, including the Tuscany Retreat! Announcements about Fall and Winter retreats to follow shortly
  • BONUS #2: My signature Ayurveda Flow Yoga™ video tutorials to help you open your body to sit for meditation.
  • BONUS #3: 20% off Ayurvedic Consultations (done in person or virtually) and Treatments at Sadhana NYC.
It’s time to develop our inner technology so we can handle all the exciting outer techology without being taken over by them! Let’s be clear that we are the ones operating techonology, and not the other way around!
Let’s come together and get in touch with our personal freedom, and own it more powerfully.
I look deepening our Yoga through this very rewarding exploration with you!



If it intrigues you, share it!