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Testimonials For Mariko Hirakawa, E-RYT, B.A.M.S.

“Mariko is a yoga instructor’s instructor. She’s the best one I’ve had. She’s passionate, precise, friendly, and very calming. Rarely do you walk out of a class feeling better than when you entered. In her class you feel energized and rejuvenated.

She seems to have dedicated much of her life to yoga having undergone advanced training in India. You can tell that yoga is a way of life for her. She exudes positive energy, attention to proper posture, and has an very calm music selection.

I wish I had known about her earlier. She’s a consummate professional with a sublime and uplifting spirit.”

Rate Your Burn Review

“Your help over the past year has been of immeasurable benefit to me…Your instruction, rooted in centuries of teaching and learning, and masterfully delivered, is exactly what I needed. Having had an Ayurvedic consultation with you enabled us to tap ever more of your plentiful resources. Getting me moving, getting stronger and more flexible, paying more attention to how I breathe, meditation, learning pranayama techniques … I’m more thoughtful of what I eat. I can’t thank you enough.

Sending appreciation and admiration,”

Harold Bott

“I’ve been taking Mariko’s class for years, and alter my weekend plans so that they don’t interfere with the one class she does downtown each week. She is a phenomenal instructor – a genuine yogi with a background in dance. Her instructions are nuanced but crystal clear, and it makes a huge difference. The class is a serious workout – but you don’t muscle through it – everything is deliberate and controlled, focusing on form and breath.

She is also an incredible inspiration – she starts class with a story or anecdote which always hits home, and her class is a workout. It’s the only class I do that I feel that’s the total package. I leave feeling like I’ve worked every muscle in my body, got an amazing stretch, and strengthened my spirit. She is amazing and a joy to learn from.”

– Review from Rate Your Burn

“Super guidance, she is incredibly good at instructions. I catch myself tuning into my muscles and poses in ways that I miss in the typical equinox class. She is wildly accomplished and has a really impressive background. She is a holistic healer, focuses on mind body spirit and knows creates an incredible class. OUTSTANDING. Best yoga at equinox hands down. LOVE HER. (PS. she is absolutely stunning and lives by her practice. She radiates.)”

– Review from Rate Your Burn

“She is most effective as a teacher and has helped me to identify the strengths and weaknesses in my body enabling me to perform the asanas with greater comfort and ease… Most importantly, she makes me feel that she cares; and, additionally, I feel a sense of improvement as a result of the way she encourages me and shows me how to work with my body.

Without Mariko knowing I have encouraged and invited others to join class with her – even if they are beginners. Mariko is attentive to and patient with each individual allowing the person to reach their potential.”

Margot Steinberg

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